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Recent Work


Leading Bank, Singapore

CHALLENGE: Understanding the barriers to adoption of cashless payment.

APPROACH: Over the course of 3 weeks, we conducted a range of contextual and intercept interviews amongst various profiles of users. We spent time with taxi drivers, cafe owners, blogshop enthusiasts, young people and old to better understand their attitudes towards cashless payment systems, concerns around security and cultural norms that the bank would need to address and shift to succeed.

RESULT: A day long workshop to share inspiration, insight and learnings with multiple teams in the bank. Opportunity areas were identified and then teams worked together to develop creative concepts to address key challenges. These were then prioritized for future innovation projects.


Global Insurance Provider

CHALLENGE: Design a portal that enables agents to better understand and build stronger relationships with new and existing clients. Across multiple markets.  

APPROACH: Starting with stakeholder interviews, we quickly gained a deeper understanding of business priorities and agent training modules. We then immersed ourselves into the life of an insurance agent - from attending training courses to chasing new clients and from making pitches to following up on a claim. This approach enabled us to empathise with their needs, understand cultural beliefs around insurance as well as learn from the best sales pitches. We repeated this process from the customer perspective as well. We then led a co-creation session with 30+ agents, utilizing their experience and requirements to design creative concepts. The highest ranking concepts were then developed into prototypes, tested and eventually deployed as part of a wider offering. 

RESULT: The stakeholders gained new insights into the daily lives of agents. Agents felt heard, important and understood. And most importantly, we designed multiple versions of a solution aligned with corporate requirements, agent and customer needs as well as the regulations of 3 Asian markets.


TOP CPG Company

CHALLENGE: A leading CPG wanted to better understand changing attitudes of Asian women towards self care. 

APPROACH: Given limitations of timing and budget, we pulled together a research plan that allowed us to use our extended network of trendspotters in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Mumbai and Tokyo to provide us with on the ground learnings from each of the cities. We focussed on shifts in style, beauty, nutrition and fitness. We supplemented this with in depth interviews with experts - industry leaders and opinion shapers. And we were lucky enough to spend some time in the lab of a top Korean skincare brand. We looked at a range of analogous inspiration from environmentalism to fine dining to provide added inspiration. This enabled us to identify 10 emerging trends. 

RESULT: These 10 trends were then shared in a workshop attended by stakeholders from across the world. Working with chemists, marketing experts and sales associates - they led their teams to develop creative concepts based on each trend. The top 5 concepts were then chosen for internal development, each spearheaded by a senior stakeholder. We hope to see some of these in market by 2018.