Innovation Training

As part of our capability training initiatives, we work closely with organizations to help design simple modules that aid better understanding of the innovation process across teams from different departments. We use simple tools and exercises to equip people with skills that can be applied to everyday tasks and projects of all sizes, helping build an innovation culture from the inside out.

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Design Research

Depending on the client and challenge, we craft our research programs to help uncover deep insights and beliefs amongst our users.

Using a mix of ethnography and user research techniques, we immerse ourselves into specific environments to experience context and behaviour. 


UX & Visual Design

We craft product experiences that are consistent, efficient and engaging. Refining through the design sprint ensures that our deliverables are both functional and beautiful. Our team works closely together to ensure that each prototype meets business and user needs in line with implementation goals. 


Prototyping > MVP

Alongside the insight and design phases, we start prototyping early - often using low fidelity prototypes to help us quickly test with key users. Over the course of design sprints, we test multiple iterations to arrive at a high fidelity deliverable for effective knowledge transfer into development.