Investigating Health & Wellness at The Working Capitol

In a  busy city like Singapore, finding work-life balance can be a struggle. In the midst of juggling different facets of life, we encourage you to pause and think: what does health and wellness mean to you? In a nutshell, this is what team Heist sought to find out from fellow members at our co-working space  - The Working Capitol (TWC) - in order to help TWC serve its community better.

Over the course of 3 weeks, we conducted a series of interactive experiments and hands-on activities in various locations within TWC to better understand its members’ attitudes and behaviours towards health and wellness. This meant we had to craft the right questions for our members in order to gain understanding: What activities interest them? What time do they usually work out? How much money are they willing to invest into health and wellness activities? What makes them feel relaxed? Heist investigates.

We started off doing what we do best: talking to people. We conducted dozens of intercept interviews within TWC and even around the neighbourhood.


1. The Glass Vases

Question: What are your favourite fitness activities?
How it works: Simple and intuitive, members cast their votes in pre-labelled clear vases using ping pong balls.

2. The Semi-Clock

Question: What is a good time to work out?
How it works: Taking advantage of the pre-existing wooden arch at the TWC Library, this semi-clock was divided into time slots from 6AM to 9PM. Members cast their votes by pasting stickers on the clock.

3. The Piggy Bank

Question: How much would you pay for your fitness activities?
How it works: “Capitol Cash” was placed around TWC for participants to fill out with the amount they are willing to pay for health and wellness programmes. They would then deposit the “Capitol Cash” into clear glass piggy banks. Participants are presented with “Capitol Cash” of varying values. They then proceed to indicate how much they are willing to pay for health & wellness programmes into a glass piggy bank.

4. The Postcard Installation

Question: What are your favourite wellness activities?
How it works: Participants were given the option to pick their favorite activity/activities from a range of image cards (e.g. yoga, reading a book etc.) or be creative and  draw their own. They could then hang them on a frame, which also served as an art installation for the TWC community.

Members - thank you to those who have participated! For those who haven’t yet, keep a look out for the Postcard Installation at the pantry! ! We look forward to seeing the results come to life in new health and wellness offerings by TWC.